AVANTI PICTURES is a young company with an established reputation and a vast and varied range of projects among its achievements, from short films, video clips, documentaries, seven feature films released and many more on the way.

We are firmly committed to developing quality films without neglecting commercial box-office success, and therefore, draw upon a group of professionals from a variety of cinematic backgrounds that make up our strong, high-performance working team founded on trust, talent and a passion for cinema.

We work with projects from their very conception, taking an idea and developing it together with the scriptwriter in order to make the script the central pillar of each production. We are always on the lookout for new, fresh ideas that catch the imagination of our audiences while offering innovative storylines and breaking with the monotony and repetition of tired old plotlines. We endeavor to make sure we do not close the door to any genre, on the premise —however— that we are firm believers in everything we produce.

Jack Zagha has already made his name as a proven, passionate and talented director who places particular focus on directing his cast. Yossy Zagha has built up a committed group of professionals with vast experience in the development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution of feature films.

AVANTI PICTURES is a production company on the rise with several ongoing projects, headlined by the success of “Identifying Features” by Fernanda Valadez in Sundance, and the theatrical release in Mexico of “El club de los idealistas” by Marcelo Tobar with 1200 screens.

Among our achievements are 17 Arieles (Mexican academy awards) and over 30 international awards. We believe in the future of cinema and we are focused on creating productions that respond to what the viewing public wants both in Mexico and outside its borders: our capacity to surprise them with each new production.